Creating a world where people & planet thrive

The Weaving Lab

Empowering change leaders 

to nurture collaborative communities 

that learn and grow together

What is weaving?

Weaving is an emerging practice of leadership that creates thriving communities, continuously aligning, learning and collaborating together toward a shared purpose.

What we do

The Weaving Lab trains leaders, cultivates research, builds networks and advises organisations working to weave thriving communities. 

The Weaving Lab is growing the field of weaving – deepening its practice, advancing research, and strengthening the community of practitioners – so that together, we can effect systems change that enable people and planet thrive. 

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every neighborhood, network and organisation is woven into a thriving learning ecosystem where everyone is living for universal wellbeing (of self, society and nature). 

Key Ideas

Andreas Schleider’s message to a Weaving Lab gathering in Lyon, France:

“Weaving is a new kind of leadership that is implicit in the creation of empowering learning ecosystems.”