What We Do

We Weave Learning Ecosystems


We align communities to the shared purpose of empowering everyone to live for universal wellbeing.


We create teams of teams that share opportunities, resources and processes.

Acting systemically

We help teams bring about enduring change in systemic mechanisms and mindsets.

Being the new system

We model the behaviours and characteristics of the systems we want to see.

Learning together

We are always learning, nurturing our inner selves and getting better at weaving.

We are Advancing
the Practice & Profession of Weaving


We are providing deep learning experiences that help people get better at weaving.


We are curating tools that make weaving easier.


We are working to increase the recognition, respect and remuneration of weavers.


We are codifying weaving as a practice and building the evidence-base that is required to cultivate weaving as a profession.


Weaving can be a difficult practice. We are fostering a community that is supportive of each other’s wellbeing.

Our Impact

Weavers completing our learning journeys are:

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Becoming a better weaver
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Accelerating their ecosystemic project
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Advancing the discipline of weaving


I was impressed to see experienced weavers help each other design complex social weaving practices, and deeply connect as humans. The program is giving me a clear sense of how powerful a weaving community is for learning - as well as its unique potential for designing high quality learning processes for others.
Victoria Haro
Founder, Universidad del Medio Ambiente | Mexico
I feel magic occur in The Weaving Lab: seeing intertwining connections happen between so many ideas and perspectives that usually are not connected in the “real” world.
Luis Camargo
Founder, OpEPA | Colombia
Weaving is the new way of being in this complex world. As we engage with and develop new learning ecosystems, we need to be Weavers bringing together diverse and unusual stakeholders for a common, shared purpose. The Weaving Lab offers social entrepreneurs like me a new way of being and becoming as we embark on an ambitious journey to transform learning ecosystems in India to help every child Thrive.
Vishal Talreja
Founder, Dream A Dream | India
My greatest benefit: To get not just the theoretical but the very tangible grasp on what WEAVING means. Much more than networking it encompasses the multi professional, trans-institutional and inter-cultural orchestration of initiatives, strategies and tactics towards our shared vision. It is my privilege to be part of this fantastic crowd of extremely dedicated people from around the world. Working in smart networks is very ambitious and very rewarding.
Kerstin Wilmans
Founder, Global Goals Curriculum | Germany
The Weaving Lab is a worldwide tribe convening the some of the most impactful innovators I know - all of them committing to a learning journey through which everyone becomes better at leading ecosystem change, starting with transforming themselves.
Thomas Blettery
Intrapreneur, Ashoka | France
The change we wish to see in the world begins with creating thriving, authentic communities. Amongst these weavers, I can be fearlessly ME in service of a greater WE.
Valentina Raman
Intrapreneur, Ashoka | United States