#WhatIf Campaign

The Weaving Lab is launching a new global movement - #WhatIf

  • What if learning to be kind was a part of education?
  • What if schools had more play time than tests?
  • What if school systems didn’t rely on grades to evaluate students?
  • What if young adults are given the responsibility of teaching children within their communities?
  • What if children could help design their own academic content?
  • #Whatif #WeLearnToThriveTogether
  • What if education was not about being competitive?
  • What if a child’s worth wasn’t based only on their academic excellence?
  • Whatif human skills ​were ​the priority of learning: interdependent compassion, curiosity, collaboration & creativity?
  • Whatif human skills and ​STEM / hard / ​machine skills were not seen as mutually exclusive, but could be interwoven in learning experiences?
  • Whatif ​universities and education systems moved from ranking models to linking? From polarities to multidimensional?
  • Whatif we could all learn how to thrive together?
    In a world where physical distancing is going to be the norm,
  • WhatIf schools teach our children that our interconnectedness is cause for celebration and not to be feared?
  • What if school is the place where their well-being is the most important outcome; above all else?
  • What if, school systems, teachers and parents across the world choose to invest in healing and compassion this year and let go of the anxiety of completing an already outdated syllabus?
  • What if, instead of examinations based on rote-learning, we ask our students; do you know how to be kind to each other? Do you know how to take decisions that are good for you, your community and for the planet? Do you know how to collaborate and celebrate the success of others? Do you know how to heal?
  • What if we re-assess the current examination driven education system which evaluates individual success and bring in a more holistic, collaborative education system which is driven by celebrating our interconnectedness?
  • What if we repurpose education from its traditional linear, industrial approach, focussed on resource extraction / workforce development and metamorphose it to help children learn to thrive in an unpredictable world?
  • What if education becomes the lens to help children see the inter-connectedness of all humans and nature to help build us a more thriving world and planet?
  • What if everyone learned to Thrive together?